We are a service company with a strong commitment to our customers to use the best technology and management available. Innovation, adaptation, efficiency and execution have been the hallmarks of Metro Ports during its lengthy history, and those principles will guide us in the challenges and opportunities arising in the 21st century.

Our warehousing, vessel and terminal activities are expedited by the latest computer technology facilitating prompt and proper dispatching, processing, billing and accounting, and by extensive repair and maintenance facilities that assure Metro's equipment is always ready to get the job done with the greatest efficiency.

We take great pride each day in providing the fine warehousing, stevedoring and terminal services required in order to fully satisfy our wide array of valuable customers.

Members of Metro's management and administrative teams are ready to give their personal attention to any of your cargo-moving needs. Just contact us!


Metro Ports is a brand composed of: Metropolitan Stevedore Company, Suderman Contracting Stevedores, Inc. and Southeast Crescent Shipping Company. We have offices along U.S. West, Gulf, East Coast and Great Lakes and operations in 20+ ports nationwide.

The utilization of Metro Ports in branding key operating companies pays homage to the rich experience and history of Metropolitan Stevedore Company, which has business roots dating back to its original parent corporation in San Francisco, California.

As the decades passed after being incorporated in 1923, Metropolitan Stevedore Company became generally known as Metro, so the decision was made to use Metro Ports as the new brand of our various operating companies.

Our Corporate Values

By adhering to our corporate values, the Metro Group will be recognized as the premier solution provider in select maritime, logistics and third-party administration services. Capitalizing on more than 150 years of corporate experience, our uniquely-integrated organization ensures we exceed client expectations.

Honesty & Integrity

We understand that trust may be earned only through honesty and fairness. We sincerely believe that every member of the Metro team must embrace honesty and integrity as essential pillars of effective corporate responsibility. These guiding principles assure every stakeholder that they can depend upon us to do what is right.

Dedication & Drive

Our continued success directly depends on consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients and standing behind everything we commit to do. The Metro team is dedicated to fulfilling the mission and vision of the Company. With our client-centered focus, we bring a strong personal commitment, pride of effort, and drive to succeed.

Commitment to Excellence

The Metro team is committed to providing our stakeholders with unparalleled service. Our dedication to that key goal is evident through our commitment to clear communication, uncompromising standards, and rigorous processes. At Metro, we set and achieve ambitious goals, which are accomplished through a supportive work environment, a talented team of professionals, and a clear vision of the outcome.

Accountability & Reliability

The Metro family is united through shared common values. We set the bar high, holding ourselves fully accountable for our actions. By doing so, our clients can safely rely upon us to deliver and execute innovative solutions while fulfilling our commitments and obligations.

Health, Safety & Environmental Stewardship

Metro is dedicated to the long-term health and safety of our employees as well as a safe and secure working environment. Our leadership team is committed to working in a manner that protects and promotes the health and well-being of our people and the environment.