Metro Ports is a recognized leader in providing safe and responsible cargo handling, cruise and shore services to our valued clients.

Metro’s safety program is developed collaboratively by operations and safety leadership with the focus on incident prevention, reduction of severity, and accountability.

It is our stated policy that all operations be performed in the safest manner possible. Supervisory personnel have the full backing of management in enforcing safety rules and regulations.

Our safety culture enables Metro to:

  • Provide high-quality services without frequently changing costs associated with widely fluctuating insurance premiums
  • Reduce operational delays associated with unforeseen safety hazards and injuries
  • Eliminate business interruptions resulting from regulatory agency interventions

We are not “Safety First”, we are “Safety Always”

Metro Ports is a strong advocate and industry leader in environmental stewardship. We have invested in modifying our cargo handling equipment to significantly lower our carbon footprint through use of alternative fuels and emissions controls. We meet all California Air Resources Board (CARB), Air Quality Management District (AQMD), and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements.